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When my daughter first began her chemistry lessons with Charlie, she was convinced that it wouldn’t make a difference. Chemistry was like an unknown foreign language to her and she was failing. The anxiety and stress she was experiencing was affecting all of her classes and her self-esteem was at an all-time low. Within a few weeks, her entire outlook changed. She told me that she couldn’t believe how much of a difference there was with her understanding of Chemistry. After a few more weeks she made the statement “Chemistry is actually kind of fun once you understand it”. I almost passed out when I heard it! My previously sullen 16-year-old little girl was actually excited about a subject that scared her to death only a couple of months earlier. Her heightened confidence level was amazing. I am so impressed with Charlie’s ability to patiently teach someone who truly believed they could not be taught. He is patient and kind and really knows how to reach his students. He is also easy to deal with, very flexible and understanding. I could never thank him enough for his help.
— Marni, Columbia, IL
Our son ran into trouble with Honors Geometry this year, so my wife suggested that we get him a professional tutor. In slightly less than two months, not only has Charlie helped our son with Geometry (helped raise his class average by 11 points), he has been an exceptional resource for Honors Chemistry, too (helped raise our son’s class average by 9 points). Charlie has the perfect temperament to work with our son, and our son has really responded well to Charlie’s methods. In addition to the obvious and tangible improvement in class performance, we’ve noticed our son enjoying his classes more and exuding a higher level of confidence. I can’t recommend Charlie highly enough!
— Erik, Glencoe, MO
Charlie has been an asset with our daughter and her reading challenges. She has been more attentive at home, and is building more confidence through private tutoring. Charlie has been more than reasonable meeting us in our neighborhood, far from his own home. Couldn’t recommend anyone better. Very pleased.
— Eric, Saint Louis, MO
Charlie is a great tutor. He knows chemistry and can explain the subject in many ways so that my daughter understands it. He checks to make sure she understands each concept before moving on. He is approachable and kind. We feel blessed to have Charlie as a tutor.
— Debra, Saint Louis, MO
Charlie was extremely organized and helped my daughter raise her ACT score by 6 points. He worked with her to develop a plan that she could manage and stick to and he was great at their tutoring sessions.
— Madison, Saint Louis, MO
Charlie has helped many people prepare for standardized tests, this was obvious when I met with him to prepare for one myself. He knew great strategies for maximizing my score and saving time. Charlie fit the right amount of material into our tutorial. It was very helpful to meet with him.
— Travis, Saint Louis, MO